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Join us as we delve into the world of home loans in 2024 with Madeline Fee, an experienced loan officer at Clear. Celebrating over a year at Clear, Madeline shares her expertise on navigating the evolving landscape of home financing.

2024 Home Loan and Housing Market Trends

The housing market in 2024 presents new opportunities for homebuyers, characterized by more favorable conditions compared to the previous year.

Lower Mortgage Rates and Increased Affordability

  • The 30-year mortgage rate is expected to fall below 7% in the second half of 2024, offering increased purchasing power to homebuyers (NerdWallet, 2024).
  • Home prices are unlikely to see significant drops, maintaining a balance between supply and demand (NerdWallet, 2024).
  • Overall mortgage delinquency rates remained stable, with no significant changes from the previous year, indicating a healthy mortgage market (CoreLogic, 2024).

Madeline Fee’s Approach at Clear

At Clear, Madeline Fee emphasizes the importance of exploring various loan options to find the best fit for each homebuyer, whether it’s their first home or a dream home. The team at Clear is dedicated to making the loan process less daunting and more accessible.

Connecting with Clients

Maintaining a close connection and clear communication with clients is a key philosophy at Clear. This approach helps tailor financial solutions that align closely with the clients’ homeownership goals.


With the evolving landscape of home loans in 2024, Clear, guided by professionals like Madeline Fee, stands ready to assist homebuyers in navigating these changes successfully.


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Embark on your 2024 home buying journey with expert tips from Madeline Fee at Clear!

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